Summer Programming

Summer trips with Camp Outlook begin in late June and continue through till the end of August. Surrounded by the spectacular beauty of Frontenac and Algonquin Parks you will embark upon an incomparable camping adventure. Breathtaking sunsets, fantastic wildlife, paddling over pristine lakes and rivers and cooking hot dinners over a campfire are but a few of the experiences you will encounter on a summer canoe trip with Camp Outlook. But what makes all of these experiences even better are the incredible people you will share this adventure with.


A typical summer trip consists of a 9 day canoe trip in Algonquin Park with a maximum of 6 campers and 3 trip staff. However, we offer many different types of canoe trips, ranging in length from 5 days to 14 days, and provide extra opportunities for returning campers to take on a leadership role on a trip of their own, learning skills from firemaking and canoeing to navigating group situations and leadership.


Historically, our shortest trip was a 9 day excursion into Algonquin Park, but we understood how daunting that could be. Now, we offer 5 day trips to the much closer, and easily accessible Frontenac Provincial Park, just an hour north of our home in Kingston, ON. So if you're a new and nervous camper, have no fear. The five day is an excellent intro to the world of canoe tripping that doesn't take you too far from home.


Our standard trip length is a 9 day trip in Algonquin Park. While the length of the trip at 9 days may seem daunting to a camper at first, being in the park together as a group allows for a challenging, yet wonderfully rewarding and enjoyable time. We often take both returning campers and first time campers on our 9 day trips, and work hard to create a positive and challenging experience for everyone, no matter where they're at.

14 DAY

Our longest trip is a 14 day trip. These trips run towards the end of the summer, and require at least one previous trip with us and a recommendation from the camper's previous staff. The 14-day is an amazing and challenging experience for campers and staff alike, and really brings out the best of what the beautiful Ontario wilderness has to offer.


Finally, we offer leadership, and internship trips for our most experienced returning campers. These trips are typically completed by campers who have already gone on a trip with us before and would like to take on a different role.


Interested in joining us for a canoe trip this summer? Or perhaps you know a youth who would enjoy tripping in Algonquin Park? Have some more questions? Referral and camper applications, as well as Camper FAQs for the summer program can be accessed here. 


We take applications all summer and schedule on a first come first serve basis. Please send in your forms as soon as possible!

Important: both a camper application and a referral form are required before a camper can be scheduled to trip. Referral forms are completed by a social agency, school, or similar organization.