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Camp Outlook trip leaders are people from many walks of life who are respectful, open-minded, and kind. There is no experience necessary! We provide all the training, certifications, and experience for our volunteers to become qualified trip leaders. Our volunteers thrive with a desire to learn, a can-do attitude, and a strong sense of cooperation. We are motivated by a desire to share fun adventures and unique learning opportunities with our campers. People of all backgrounds, identities, and life experiences, especially marginalized and underrepresented people, are encouraged to apply.

More information about the summer canoe trip leader role is available on this page.


Every summer is different for everyone, but many people walk away with lifelong friends, fun and memorable stories, and a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment after a couple of months in the woods.

Here are some things our past volunteers have to say.

"I joined Camp Outlook because I really believed in its mission and felt I could make a difference in another person's life. Little did I know that it would make a huge difference in mine as well. I should mention my prior camping experience was limited to 3 nights school trips where you get a well-heated cabin, foam mattress, and meals in the dining hall. I went on 9-day trips sleeping  in the woods, on ground padded with fallen leaves, and meals bathed in the setting sun. I will never forget the feeling of eating with others around a campfire, sharing stories and comparing our aches and pains, or laughing until crying because the fleece you packed was actually a crop top. It's incredibly challenging, mentally and physically, but you come out of it stronger. There's nothing else you can do in 4 short months that's quite like it."

Amelia Zheng

Summer Staff 2016

"In 2014, a friend of mine convinced me to apply for Outlook and it was the best, most radically life-changing decision I've ever made. I cannot express how lucky and thankful I am to have been a part of this organization. You don't get paid in dollars, but you do get paid in stories, friendship, love, sunsets, mosquito bites, adventure, growth, and some sort of literal magic. This organization has taught me more about mental health, acceptance, emotional safety and the human condition than I ever thought possible. It is possible to live in a world where you aren't defined by labels or diagnoses, and where you are accepted, valued, and love simply for being you. Outlook makes that world a reality, both for its staff, and for its youth."


Summer Staff 2014

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Abby began working with Outlook as a fall/winter counsellor in 2018. She has continued with Outlook throughout her undergraduate career degree at Queen’s, and is now in her fourth and final year of a life sciences major. A lifelong lover of the outdoors, Abby is eager to continue to share this passion with youth through her work with Outlook.


Joanna has been a member of the Kingston community for over 8 years and is currently completing her PhD in clinical Neuroscience. An avid camper and community member, she was drawn to Camp Outlook and was a Fall/Winter camp counsellor for two years. She is eager to work with Cole and their team of volunteers to connect with deserving youth in the Kingston community.


Reina was a summer canoe trip leader in summer 2021. She is currently a student at McGill University, living in Montreal. Reina loved the experience so much she decided to come back and play a bigger role in Camp Outlook. Her favourite lake in Algonquin Park is White Trout.


Mackenzie volunteered as a trip leader in 2021 and is excited to return as a summer director. An Odawa/Ojibwe/Potawatomi Anishinaabekwe studying at Western, she's thrilled to head north again. Big Trout is the best lake and while not her favourite, her most memorable trip meal is always chili.


Laura volunteered as a summer trip leader in 2021, and has joined the occasional trip in the Winter 2021/2022 program as she continues her studies at Queen’s University. She admires the dedication and values of Camp Outlook and is eager to return as a Summer Camp Director to help the organization continue to share the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors with the community! Laura’s favourite trip meal is definitely chili.


Outlook's Board of Directors is a team of volunteers, working hard to guide Outlook towards the future. Usually past volunteers with either winter or summer, they work on longer term goals, like finances, evaluations, implementing new systems, and looking for growth opportunities.


Liz volunteered as a summer trip leader in 2004 and 2005 while studying Environmental Biology at Queen’s University.  Despite being a life-long nature lover, this was Liz’s first introduction to canoe tripping - and it was life changing!  Beyond the incredible therapeutic benefits of the outdoors, the values and goals of Camp Outlook left the most profound impression on her.  Liz works as a veterinarian in her hometown of Kingston, Ontario and is thrilled to be serving her first term on the Board of Directors.


James loves the outdoors, nature, and sharing it with others. He joined Outlook in 2012 as a summer staff and continued on as summer director in 2013. He served on the BOD for the 2013/2014 term. Currently he is working as a consulting arborist and restoration ecologist. He is keen to re-engage with our existing referral partners as well as seeking new referral sources to make Camp Outlook's programs accessible to a broader group of youth who would benefit from a camp experience. 

Greg - Board of Directors

Greg Gransden is a television writer and director based in Montreal. He was a summer staff in 2017 before joining the Board. Greg works on fundraising and grants, as well as outreach to former staff.

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Taz has been involved with Camp Outlook since 2015, and has been a camper, summer volunteer, and now a member of the board of directors! They currently live in Montreal, and their favourite lake in Algonquin park is Big Crow.


Laura volunteered as a trip leader during the 2018 and 2019 summer seasons, and is excited to be serving a third term on the Board of Directors. Laura currently works seasonally in outdoor education and land management, through which they hope to make nature and the outdoors more inclusive and welcoming spaces.